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Dear Loved Ones,

Very shortly I will embark on my 66th year toward heaven.

The last 19 ½ of those years have been as your pastor, and they have been some of the most special years of my life and the life of our family.

From the beginning you have extended grace upon grace to us and those kindnesses have continued as we unpacked our bags for an extended stay.  You have not treated us as hirelings, but as friends.  In turn, I have tried to give you the best pastoral gifts that have been given to me.  Ours has been a delightful match, and I am grateful.

But after some months of prayerful deliberation, I believe that now is the appropriate time for a change in our relationship as pastor and people.

So I am announcing my resignation.  My last Sunday will be May 21st and my last day will be the following Friday.

This gives us almost three months: for me to tell you the specific ways how staff members and laity have blessed the McCoys, and to share with you the dimensions of my calling I want to explore in the so-called “retirement years.”

It gives us three months to remember and give thanks for what God has allowed us to do together these last 19-plus years, so that you can begin to dream and discern what the good Lord has in store for the life and the ministry of First Bap-tist Church, Weaverville.

My tenure here has been much longer than average, but still only a fraction of the history of this congregation, which will celebrate its 95th anniversary later this year.  According to the photographs in the hallway, 13 pastors preceded me – each having served his time of ministry, each having arrived and departed in due season.  The Lord has provided all along the way, and there is no doubt that the Lord will continue to do so.

Grace and Peace,